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Antimachia Kos

The traditional rural village of Antimachia in Kos is particularly renowned for its talented local people who are excellent singers and dancers. The village also boasts some of the best folk musicians and poets who are especially talented in their satirical improvisations. Antimachia is surrounded by magnificent beaches, picturesque countryside and a village of traditional houses, old windmills and, just north of the village, the well preserved ruins of a 14th century castle of the Order of the Knights of St. John which overlooks the Straits of Nisyros. Inside the castle are many small dwellings and two old churches: the 16th century Agios Nikolaos and the Byzantine Agia Paraskevi. In the village itself you can visit a traditional house, the House of Antimachia, where you will see original furniture and other artefacts from village life in the early 20th century. Just opposite this house is an old traditional windmill, The Priests Mill, Milos tou Papa, which is now a museum. The charm of this village is mainly due to the genuine friendliness and love of tradition of the locals who keep the ancient traditions and customs alive. These are manifested throughout the year by a variety of festivals, mainly devoted to agriculture, where theatre, dance, poetry, music and good food and wine are all part of the festivities. During the period of All Saints Day, or Halloween, it is carnival time and the Carnival of Antimachia is not to be missed. On 30th June is the festival in honour of Agion Apostolon and on 15th August that in honour of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, both festivals are enjoyed in a very traditional way that has been handed down over the generations. However, one of the most important festivals occurs in late August and this is the Festival of Honey Giorti Tou Meliou. Here as well as being able to enjoy and take part in the dancing and singing, you will also have the chance to sample some excellent local honey and a variety of pastries made with honey. A further important festival occurs in early September and this is the Wine Festival, which suffice to say, involves the drinking of plenty of wine, plenty of tasty local food available and dancing and singing until the small hours..

Things to do and see

As Antimachia is inland it can get quite warm in the summer months with no cooling seas to refresh oneself. It is advisable to visit the village in the early morning or evening during the hottest months of summer.
Check the dates of the various festivals and try to time your visit with one of these celebrations.
Visit the Priests Mill and the Traditional House of Antimachia, Paaradosiako Spiti.
Explore the village and walk up the small path to see the castle.